Monday, June 22, 2009


Another edition of pivotal moments in the life of Manny Figueroa, better known as ELITE. . . Graduation!! got that nice diploma and celebrated with all of my fellow Eastsiders as we stepped on that stage for the last time all together. It had its sad sobby moments like when Kev Chik read his tear jerking speech and more lighter moments like when principal Mark told his corny jokes as usual. But overall it was a classic example of when hardwork nd dedication pays off as we now graduate and start our adult lives. With me going off to the University at Albany and being my last time with my classmates i decided to kick a few bars of knowledge and share my expierences in EastSide through rhymes. After i performed and took everything in, i knew it was all worth it and that my best was yet to come! PEACEndLOVE . . .E.L.I.T.E

"ELITE, its tha one man band/3 girls . .i brang em all home like a GRAND SLAM!! HAHA"
-yours truely

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