Sunday, June 28, 2009

Official Title

So my next solo project has been anticipated and has been kept getting pushed back for economic reasons but is still being worked on. It should be done toward the end of the year (4Th quarter) but until then i will having new tracks released in order try to create a bigger buzz and so that the people who listen to my music can see that the mix tape will be nothing but classics. I know I have dubbed the new mix tape many names, but the OFFICIAL TITLE is "The FreshMAN". The title reflects my journey, as I venture into new experiences in my life as well as my music in the hip-hop game.It will include L.E.S talents such as Profecy, Mally Mal (1/2 M$B), and Breeze. As well as other gifted rappers like P.JAY and Yung Nova. Other than that you can expect vintage ELITE and everything that you know and love me for. Keep open ears cuz im comin soon to speakers near you! PEACEndLOVE . . . .elite!!

"If you knew better you'd do bettah/ im HOT as wearin a new SWEATER, in June WEATHER!!"

-yours truelyyy

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