Saturday, July 18, 2009

Home Sweet Home !

immmm hereeeeeeeeee! finnallyy back home after a 2 week stint in that bootcamp they call the E.O.P Program at UAlbany. So it was cool out there and all but, damn i missed home! got to see the people who mean alot to me and got very very ummm... nice. haha but other than that i just miss being able to go to the bodega or even jus chillen on the block with not a care in the world. Upstate and L.E.S are like two different worlds but im learning to be able to adapt to both without changing who i am. This fall i will star tmy first real semester at college and be gone from the hood for a while. will i get home sick? will i drop out 1st week? will i wake up one mourning with two hot white chicks?...only god knows! haha but stay tuned on my blog and find out!BTW shouts to the GodSQUAD nd BruthaHOOD, its all love. PEACEndLOVE. . . elite.

"not a man of many words, but they recognize/that im front and center so these other fools should step aside!"
-yours truely

p.s- look out for my new segment on my blog calledWORD!up Wednesday which is my chance to give yu a song snippet or some newly written poetry. Startin this wednesday!!

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