Sunday, June 28, 2009


Rest In Peace to one of the greatest entertainers/singers/musicians/& wierdos this world has seen. He always made sure everyone got there moneys worth and thats what i take from his loss. Even though i didnt grow up during the time period he was most relevent and wasnt his biggest fan to see the reaction to his death and everyone in the streets playin THRILLER even though its 100000 years old, really means something. My sun Kev said it the best "its a sad, sad day in the music industry" but as they say the show "must go on". So R.I.P to the king of pop and hello to the future king of HIPHOP!! PEACEndLOVE . . .elite!

"she said i dont wanna dance boo/ so she grabbed my croutch like THE MICHEAL JACKSON DANCE MOVE!!! (HEEEEE-heeeee)
-yours truely

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