Monday, June 15, 2009


Welcome, this is the offical E.L.I.T.E blog and i jus wanna thank you for comin through. also i want to give shoutouts to the ppl who make this possible like my bruthas, phe, kev, saso and cuba as well as every1 else who supports my music. special thanx 2 charles ray too, for producing the classics ya hear and will continue to hear as i make more hits. so you know i will try to blog as much as i can to keep you posted on whats going on in my world and the world around me. feel free to hit me up on my myspace or follow me on and i have aim as well but thats for certain people. So ill leave you with a line of the day and i hope to hear from ya. PEACEndLOVE . . . elite.

"No need for INterMISSION, elite is IN a MISSION/ to get SIGNED, like yu see on a petition !"
-yours truely.

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